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How does the validation of a EuropeanSSL EV certificate (Extended Validation) work?

Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

The Certificate Signing Request (or "CSR" for short) contains important information such as the hostname to be protected or the key length and is usually created directly on your server together with the PrivateKey. You need the CSR to initiate an order on our website ( and the PrivateKey to install the certificate on your webserver. Never give the PrivateKey to third parties, as this may pose a security risk to visitors to your website. If you do not have the ability to generate the CSR yourself, you can also use the generator on our web site

Important: If you use an IIS, the CSR must be generated on your server. Otherwise, the IIS will not accept the certificate during installation and the certificate will have to be reissued.

Order the certificate and verify the ownership of your domain.

You can place your order easily and comfortably on our website ( Enter the previously generated CSR and select the preferred duration and validation method. We offer 3 methods to validate a domain-validated certificate:

  • Validation by e-mail:

An e-mail will be sent to one of the following prefixes, which contains a link to confirm the validation. The following prefixes can be used:

  • Validation via DNS:

With this method, a specific CNAME entry must be created in the DNS settings of the domain, which will then be used to validate your domain. You will receive this information from us by e-mail.

  • Validation by file:

For this method, a file must be placed on your web space and be accessible in the browser. You will receive the path and the file from us by e-mail following your order.

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation and an e-mail with instructions on how to confirm your domain ownership.

Verification of the specified data

In addition to domain validation, an extended validation of the ordering organization also takes place when a EuropeanSSL EV certificate is ordered. This is done on the basis of the following documents and information and a call to the signer of the form "EuropeanSSL EV Certifiacte Request".

a) Provision of the documents 'EV Certificate Request Form' and 'EV Certificate Subscriber Agreement

You can download the templates from our website:

b) Examination of the physical existence of the company

When checking the physical existence of a company, an entry in a QIIS (Qualified Independent Information Source) is used to check the company name, telephone number and address of your company. The following QIIS can be used.

If the validation via one of the QIIS does not work, it can be performed by one of the two following methods:

  • If your company is older than 3 years (important here is the registered date under ( and your address, which you indicated in your order, with in the commercial register excerpt coincides, the examination can take place on the basis a commercial register excerpt.
  • If your company is less than 3 years old (important here is the entered date under ( and not registered in a QIIS, an expert opinion must be submitted by a registered lawyer or a registered tax consultant. A template can be obtained from our support.

Special procedure for sole traders:
A special procedure is required for EV certificate orders of a sole trader, as these companies are generally not entered in a public commercial register like ( Two further documents, the face-to-face document and the template for validation of the identity by a lawyer are required. Please contact our validation department (, we will be happy to provide you with these documents and guide you through the additional validation process.

c) Telephone validation

As part of the telephone validation, the requester/confirming/signing person receives a call to confirm the specified data. Only a phone number entered in one of the following online registers can be used for this purpose:

Worldwide Dun & Bradstreet -
Worldwide Hoovers -
German / Worldwide -
Austria Only -
German / Austria -
European web site -
Spain D&B site -
European web site BVD -
European web site -
US web site BBB -
Germany Business credit and commercial information only -
France only -
UK Only -
Sweden -
Japan Teikoku DB -
US mainly Rainking -
Greek -
Russian - Spark -

Please note: The phone number must be entered exactly the same in one of the online registers.


Please send all documents, forms and other information over FAX, postal Service or email to:

Wagnerstr. 25
DE-76448 Durmersheim
Fax: +49 7245 919 585

Issue of the certificate

After confirmation of the ownership and data of your organization, the order is subjected to a final internal review and the certificate is issued. You will then receive an e-mail from us to the e-mail address stored in your account. The message contains a zip file containing the actual certificate (.crt) as well as all required root and intermediates (.ca).

If you have any questions or problems with the order or validation process, please do not hesitate to contact our support (

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