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How do order and validation of Premium SSL certificates work?

In the first step, the order is validated via E-Mail Validation. Find details about this process in our FAQ Article "How do order and validation of domain validated SSL certificates work?". Once you click on the link, mentioned in this email, the validation process proceeds.

1.Validation of documents:

Please send one of the following documents for manual validation of your order to EuropeanSSL:

  • A) In case of certificates with commercial use:
    Business Registration oder Trade Register Excerpt
    Trade Licence
  • B) In case of certificates with private use:
    ID Card or Passport.
    Drivers Licence

Please note: The contact details and information mentioned in your drivers licence or Business Registration needs to be identical to the data you placed in your order and which you setup in the WHOIS of the domain name.

In case the data is not identical, additional documents will be necessary, which are:

  • Article of association (with Address)
  • The authorized version of the trading certificate.
  • a copy of the latest bank statement ( details can be blackened )
  • a copy of the latest phone bill
  • a copy of any incidental costs, i.e.: electricity bill, gas bill, etc.

2.Telephone Validation:

for the second validation step, we will need the following information :

During telephone Validation, the contact person will receive a „EuropeanSSL Callback Request“ E-Mail. This E-Mail contains a link and the mentioned "email verification code". You can activate the call back for telephone validation with sthat. This code will be mentioned during conversation. Place the code in the beforementioned webpage. Once the telephone Validation is done, the order is activated. .

Please send all documents, forms and other information over FAX, postal Service or email to:

Wagnerstr. 25
DE-76448 Durmersheim

Fax: +49 7245 919 585



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