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Installing your IIS SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 5.x / 6.x

  • 1. Select Administrative Tools
  • 2. Start Internet Services Manager
  • 3. Open the properties window for the website. You can do this by right clicking on the Default Website and selecting Properties from the menu
  • 4. Open Directory Security by right clicking on the Directory Security tab
  • 5. Click Server Certificate.
  • 6. Choose to Process the Pending Request and Install the Certificate. Click Next
  • 7. Enter the location of your IIS SSL certificate (you may also browse to locate your IIS SSL certificate), and then click Next
  • 8. Read the summary screen to be sure that you are processing the correct certificate, and then click Next
  • 9. You will see a confirmation screen. When you have read this information, click Next
  • 10. You now have an IIS SSL server certificate installed

Important: You must now restart the computer to complete the install


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