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I get the error message " cert / key mismatch"

The reasons for the above error might be:

  • 1. The web server used :

    The IIS for example, allows self-created exclusively CSR. If you used an external generator to create your CSR , this can lead to errors.

    To solve the problem: Please create a new CSR directly on your web server and send the new CSR unformatted by e -mail. We create the certificate with the transmitted CSR happy to help you relocate .

    This service is free of charge .

  • 2 An incorrect CSR / Private Key Pair .

    When used in connection with the IMAPd please check whether the IMAPd has the permissions to access the certificates / keys.

  • 3. errors in the transmission of the CSR / Private Key

    Sometimes it may happen that the file when transferring Windows is "destroyed" to UNIX since WIN uses a different formatting.

    Please check in binary mode if the rows in the CRT / private key end with a ^ M . This error can be fix with the dos2unix command .

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