CSR Generator

To request a certificate, a so called CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is required. The generated CSR code is a standardised form of encoding all neccessary information included in a certificate. In case you are not able to generate the CSR directly on your server like recommended, you can also use our generator. Please provide the following data, which will also be included in your issued certificate.

Full domain name

Specify the domain name to be protected by the certificate, e.g. secure.yourdomain.eu or shop.yourdomain.eu. For the special case of yourdomain.eu without a subdomain use www.yourdomain.eu for the hostname and the certificate will automatically be valid for both.

To order wildcard certificates (valid for any subdomain) use *.yourdomain.eu for the hostname.

Password for private key (optional)

The certificate will be encrypted with a so called "Private Key", which you will receive as a separate file and whick should not be send to anyone else. Optionally you can protect this key with a password. Do not assign a password if you do not have full access to your servers, because it will have to be entered on each server restart.


Full name of the company / organisation, which owns the given domain. Individuals input their full name instead. The department can be filled optionally and should be the department which requests and manages the certificate. All locality based information correspond to the organisation's office or individual's home.

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